This little succulent needs a name.

by JW

I need a name for this plant please

I need a name for this plant please

It has thin brown branches and very soft green leaves. The stems start out as fragile light yellow-green and age into the slightly sturdier brown "trunks".
The leaves remind me of a golf club shape with a short handle.
It's a floppy plant. It doesn't support itself well. Not sure how else to describe it. Here's a picture or 2 of it.

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Aug 03, 2017
Some kind of Sedum?
by: Jacki

I'm not sure what this is! It reminds me of some Sedum I've grown, like this one; Sedum oreganum.

The picture on that page shows it in full sun, which yours may not be. Full sun allows it to develop the gorgeous orangey tones, but in shade it stays green, like yours.

Does that give you somewhere to start?

Aug 03, 2017
Seems more like a jade?
by: JW

Hi Thanks for your reply. I've been told that it is more like a jade. I thought I was supposed to be able to add up to 4 photos of it, but I only got one through. the other photo would be helpful for people to see it's "branches" better.
Do you know how to add more photos? thanks jw

Aug 03, 2017
Not a Jade
by: Jacki

Jade Plant is Crassula ovata (or argentea) but this plant doesn't really look like it. You can tell if it's a Jade Plant by the little pores on the top of the leaves. If these aren't present, it's not a Jade.

Aug 08, 2017
Same plant
by: PG Kruger

I have the same plant and have been looking for the name for ages. Could not find it under Crassula or sedum. Now looking at other options

Aug 10, 2017
So I'm not alone with this
by: JW

Glad to know someone else has expended some energy looking for a name for this plant. Guess I really should submit it to the horticulture extention at the UW.

Aug 10, 2017
FYI- getting duplicate notifications
by: JW

Just to let you know that I am getting 2 notifications for each new posting here. thanks jw

Aug 11, 2017
by: Jacki

JW, I'm sorry that you're getting too many notifications. You can stop that by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the note. I don't know if that will stop the duplications, maybe you signed up for them twice??

Aug 12, 2017
I unsubscribed to one of them
by: JW

We'll see if I stop getting them altogether or if I'll still get one.

Jan 02, 2020
Striped Fragile Crassula
by: Crassula

South African Plant. Crassula expansa subsp. fragilis

Jul 12, 2020
Succulent identification
by: ChristineMelbourne

It's a Aichryson laxum

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