thick flat green succulent leaves and red buds in november

by Richard
(Bronx, NY)

Very hearty plant.
Thick flat green pointy leaves.
New leaves grow out of existing leaves.

Plant layers lie on top of layers behind it, bend backwards.

Red buds began to blossom from the outermost tips in November.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Richard, these are great plants - lots of reliable flowers in the winter when we most need them, and relatively easy to grow.

Here's more on our favorite 'Holiday Cactus' or 'Christmas Cactus' - Schlumbergera, and an overview on epiphytes or tree dwelling cactus here.

Other relatives include Epiphyllum and Rhipsalis.

The nice thing about these plants is their ability to quietly grow during the summer, and astonish and delight us with their bright blooms in the winter.

This trait has made these possibly the most loved of all house plants and one which often gets handed down to the next generation as a legacy plant.

The other great thing about them is how easy they are to propagate.

Each 'leg' with two or more segments will make roots to create a whole new plant really easily.

If you have the room you can end up with many different varieties in all colours of the rainbow (well, as long as they're in the pink - red shades).

Happy Succulent Growing!

Wanting to learn more about Succulent Plant Propagation?

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