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Nov 12, 2010
This is how it starts...
by: Jacki

Hi Anja,
You're well on your way to being a collector. Starting a succulent plant collection is very addictive - pretty soon you'll have lots of these lovely plants filling every window.

The biggest issue with growing succulents is that they need a lot of light, sometimes requiring a boost from a fluorescent light to get enough to stay healthy.

Noticing your plant has a tendency to droop is an indication that it lacks light, a common problem when they've been kept too long in low light conditions such as a box store, not the best situation.

I'm sorry I can't accurately identify your plant as the picture is a little dark.

Jul 31, 2019
Your mystery plant
by: Marion

That’s a jade plant. They tolerate dry conditions to a point. If the petals start to wrinkl a bit , it needs H20. Does not tolerate frost, but does tolerate cold . I just cover mine as a precaution if a cold snap hits.
Great succulent. I have one from the 1920s! Do not cut off any branching otherwise it will be an ugly stub.
Grows about 2 ft tall in container.
Very seldom needs to be transplanted. Mine has been in same pot at least 10 years.
Grows tiny white flowers when it’s happy.
Easiest plant to propagate. Cut small branches if necessary. But best way is 1 individual petal at a time, just as they fall off or are easily pulled off.
Can be fragile, don’t put where it will be bumped into much.
Once you start to propagate you won’t want to stop. These make great gifts when planted in small 3-4 inch pots.

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