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May 01, 2010
Peters Response
by: Peter

Hello Jacki,
Thank you for your prompt reply and sound advice, I do appreciate it.

Strange for it to go so bright purple from the bottom up as if it had
absorbed something from the soil. I've never seen a plant die like that -(I thought that maybe someone at work might of put something in
the soil to kill it) but I guess not, which is a good thing.

Anyway thanks again :)

May 01, 2010
I think it's 'worse'
by: Jacki

Hi Peter, after seeing your pic, I wonder if it's someone in your office putting hot coffee on the plant? It really looks quite strange, and not at all how I had imagined. I've had plants that looked fine, but the stem at soil level was rotten, and although the plant lived for a long time, it gradually succumbed. This damage does not look like that!
Hope you can figure it out, and that it was not just random stupidity/vandalism.
Take care, and let me know if you find out what happened.

Jul 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

It could be a fungal infection due to bad drainage. I have lost some Haworthias in just a few hours - not even a day - with an orange fungus. They were in just peat so I had to change to a mineral substrate and soak them in water with chlorine. At least the fungus stopped anyway. Other Haworthias and Aloes are happily growing in just peat with the minimum of water. Maybe the plants were sick or infected at the time they were bought.

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