The Passion for Gardening

By Ken Druse

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This great book is by one of my favorite garden authors.  Ken Druse has a way with words that is so imaginative, and you feel as though you're going on a garden tour with a very good friend; he's thoughtful and considerate, and will give you a new slant or way of looking at things.  

I particularly like his description of the gravel garden that he built at his residence, with a custom built rock wall, complete with plants. 

The Passion for Gardening by Ken Druse

He draws you in to be part of it, and his lovely description of his mother helping to plant Sempervivum in the cracks and crevices is evocative.

His love for nature and the unspoiled places is obvious.  There is a story about the two gardeners going through their woodland garden and removing all trace of invasive species so that the native plants could thrive.  

Other great gardening stories included in the book are the narrative about the young gardener battling with his father over how much lawn should be left - his idea was to completely plant the whole garden with his passion, tropical plants.

The story about the lovely garden at Chanticleer, with the attendant pictures - especially the lovely vignettes and long views of the public gardens makes me want to visit.

Altogether, this is a book that will be well read, often.  I highly recommend it to add to your collection, along with Ken's many other titles. 

Get your copy of this great book for your library from Amazon. Ken Druse's book, The Passion for Gardening is one that I recommend both for the interesting information, and the insights into how the pieces fit together in real life.