Tall w/fleshy green leaves

by Ashley
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Thick fleshy green leaves
Reddish stem with fine "hairs"
Multiple offshoots around base of plant
New growth (multiple offshoots) at very top recently appeared

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Apr 04, 2015
by: Jacki

Now that's a plant that's seeking out the light! You will need to do some pruning to get it back into shape - see more hre.

This looks to be an extremely leggy and overgrown Kalanchoe blossfeldiana which are commonly grown as flowering plants - they show bright flowers in the winter when few other plants are blooming, so that's a nice feature.

This is what they're supposed to look like.

You can see more similar plants on this page.

Apr 04, 2015
by: Ashley

Well that makes sense why I was unable to identify it! I bought the plant at lowes about 3 years ago and didn’t take care of it that well (probably why it never flowered). I’ve been into expanding my indoor garden recently and really like succulents. I am still learning how to care for and propagate them. I find your site very helpful, thank you!

Do you think it would be ok if I put off pruning it? I am interested to see how the top grows and don’t see any signs of disease.

There are some brown leaves but these showed up in the winter (when it was against a cold window). I have a few propagations by planting pieces that have fallen off when relocating it (I can email pics of if you want). Though it did seem like the new growth occurred after the pieces fell off, so maybe that means it wants to be pruned!

Thank you!

Apr 04, 2015
by: Jacki

That's exactly the reason that it started to put out new growth. The old bud at the top represses any new growth from below it, but if you chop it off, the buds below can start to grow.

There is nothing to say that you have to prune it, but I think you'll be happier with it in the long run if it's more compact and healthier.

Your choice entirely, of course.

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