Tall Skinny Succulent that keeps on Growing

by Erica
(Pennsville, nj)

what is this?

what is this?

Tall light green with purplish fin shaped leaves

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Erica, I think what you have is some type of Euphorbia, I'm not sure of the species. Please be aware that all of this genus are poisonous, and can cause dermatitis if the sap gets on the skin, or even blindness if it goes in your eyes. Please use caution when handling it, especially to prune or take cuttings off it.

All Euphorbia thrive in bright light and reduced water in the winter, so if possible, provide those conditions.

You can use a grow light to supplement the light it will get in a south facing window as you're in an area that gets shorter days in winter.

Fortunately, Euphorbia are easy to care for in most conditions, and rarely need to be repotted or pruned.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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