Tall, skinny, purple/green alternating leaves

by David

This guy is tall with broad, flat leaves. They come in purple when they're new and eventually become green as they grow. Then they fall off. The stalk is green and bumpy I'm thinking it's some kind of jade, but not sure.

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Sep 15, 2014
Echeveria, not Jade
by: Jacki

Everyone thinks what they have is a Jade, which is Crassula ovata.

There are many other kinds of succulents, and this one is actually Echeveria nodulosa 'Painted Beauty' - it's called that because of the striping on the leaves, which look as though they're painted on. Without them, this would be a drab and uninteresting plant.

This is one of the shrubby type of Echeveria, which grow on a taller stem. Yours seems to be a bit light deprived, making it even taller. Get cruel to it, to make it more compact. You can see more about pruning succulent plants.

The parts you cut off can be rooted easily, as all Echeveria, to make more plants. See more about succulent plant propagation

I suggest also a grow light, which will help keep it from getting so tall and skinny.

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