Tall pot-plant in Greece

by Carole Mason
(Aigina, Greece)



I inherited this plant from the previous owners of a flat I have bought in Aigina, Greece.

It is about 8 feet tall, and sits in a pot on the covered balcony. This means that it experiences extreme heat,and occasionally some cold. I am not here all the time, so it is watered only intermittently. Despite all this it survives, but I haven't seen any sign of a flower.

I've been told by a visitor that it is an Epiphyllum, but it doesn't look much like Epiphyllums I have seen illustrated.

The photos show the plant full-length (I'm sorry about the washing-line!) and close-ups of the growing tips after it had been watered regularly for about three weeks in March/April this year.

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Sep 12, 2017
Not Hylocereus
by: Jacki

Hylocereus don't have any little leaflets at all. None. Definitely wait until it flowers, that will determine beyond any doubt what it is. Keep us posted!

Sep 12, 2017
by: Carole Mason

Thank you very much for your suggestion, Jacki, which has inspired me to dig further. What I didn't mention, and should have, is that the leaves are three-sided. Although some leaves do have flat finger-like leaflets at their tip, there are no leaflets emerging from their sides - instead it produces what I think are offsets. All online photos of Hylocereus show the leaves drooping; I think the reason ours doesn't drop is that we have tied it back. - As to which Hylocereus it is, maybe I shall have to wait until it flowers.

Sep 11, 2017
Euphorbia, maybe?
by: Jacki

That growth (typical cactus type growth, with new leaves sprouting around the top) is characteristic of Euphorbia, maybe the African Milk Tree, or Euphorbia trigona.

Here's a Bing Search of it; Euphorbia trigona image search - does this look like it?

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