Sweet potatoes from vines?

by Joy G
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

Cut pieces of vine

Cut pieces of vine

I know to use slips started from a potato but I let one get really long then cut it and the sections have started rooting. But will the sections of cut vine produce potatoes or only the ones that I started as proper sprouts from the main potato. Thanks!

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Apr 18, 2020
Try it!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I've never grown sweet potatoes, from vines or otherwise. I see no reason why this won't work. I would try it out, and experiment.

When you cut the original slips off the potatoes, they are just pieces of stem, right? Then the other lengths of stem should work the same way.

The formation of the potato is due to being in the dark (under the soil) and I don't think it matters where on the stem you take the cutting from. Anywhere on the stem will have 'adventitious' roots, which then make the potato.

Can't wait to see if it works!

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