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As an avid xeric gardener and propagation expert, I want to help you grow the most beautiful healthy plants, in your ideal garden.

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Thanks so much for those that have filled out previous surveys - your responses are thought provoking! Here's what some of your submissions told me:

Della said in answer to 'fun question; what does your ideal garden look like?'

"Lush, with ferns, bamboo, native wild flowers (forgetmenot, viola, lilies, hawksbeard, buttercup. Mixed with foxglove, lupin, iris, peony.

THEN; On the other side of the yard: BC rock garden with succulents carpeting the ground and raised rock beds. I have water on the east of property, and sand and extreme heat on the west.


I think I can help you, Della; sign up for Xeria E-zine, and be sure you get your bonus five articles on Xeriscaping to give you some ideas.

Rita says; "I have roses, camellias, palm trees, almond tree, blood orange bush, and in pots: pear; nectarine; tangerine; Christmas cactus. Those are in backyard. The front yard is mainly geranium incantum (beautiful now) and some other bushes that at the moment I can't remember.

To the right of the front yard driveway there's two ornamental orange blossom bushes (tree size now because they've been there for going on 30 years); rosemary; and something that looks like weeds at first then burst w/pink blowaway flowers that look like spring."

This sounds blissful - how lucky that you're gardening in a lovely warm climate, to be able to grow all those luscious plants.

Thanks so much for sharing your vision, and giving inspiration to others.

I'm partial to succulents...and have removed my front lawn and planted ground covers, succulents, drought tolerant. I'm interested in the care of large succulents--how to keep them healthy and not always have so many dead leaves around the bottom--do you remove those or are they a protection? Any info. on the succs! Thank you!

80% can be accomplished with succulents, natives, drought tolerant, species and right plant right spot. I love to see how succulents can be used in landscape gardening and not just projects and pots. I live on Salt Spring Island. Lots and lots of dappled shade, rocky ledges, great drainage :) Great work keep it up!

Love container pants cause if I have to move their easy to move with me also with containers I can rearrange them. which helps me a lot with mydepression.

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