Succulents to identify

by Michelle
(Fullerton, CA, USA)

Hi, I have read your succulent ID chart and could not find the exact type of my succulents. My close guess is echeveria pulvinata, but need your expertise to confirm. Most likely my plant is sick, but I need to know the exact type to know how to care for it. I placed it in a bright bedroom with south facing window, so it receives morning sun everyday. The leaves is curling downwards, some leaves are yellow and easy to drop. Some branches are thinned and shriveled, but others are still growing leaves and flowers. Do you have recommendation on caring for this? Appreciate your help! Thank you!

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Apr 23, 2020
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

It's definitely one of the pulvinata/setosa tribe. Sorry, there are so many hybrids between several species that it seems like we've created a whole new set of plants.

However, they all need similar care. Here's a page on Echeveria set-oliver which is one of the many types;

What I would do is propagate all the new rosettes, to make new plants without all the issues that come with age. The woody stems will never amount to anything. The older leaves falling off is normal, and there's nothing you can do with it.

Make sure you check out the succulent plant care page; and follow the instructions on light and soil especially.

This page has more on how to grow Echeveria;

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