Succulents in a Strawberry Pot

by Donna
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)

My Strawberry Pot with succulents

My Strawberry Pot with succulents

My succulents love being planted in the strawberry pot. They like the drainage and eventually over the summer they fill the holes and cascade down the sides. I usually plant different stonecrops or hens and chicks, and sometimes other succulent plants that I find at yard sales or the department stores.

I just re-use the soil every year, by adding some worm castings to it, and then I water once in a while with some compost tea - they don't need much fertilizer, making them the perfect plants for my busy life.

I take it apart in the fall as the strawberry pot won't make it through freezing and thawing without damage.

I really like your strawberry pot, Donna - it's got slimmer lines than some, so it's a little more elegant. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Most are made from low fired clay, which as you've possibly discovered, won't withstand freezing. I've found that too. In some cases, the layers of clay will flake off as it disintegrates.

Thanks for sharing!

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