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Cassidy at Succulents and Sunshine is a busy girl; she's put out several e-books all about succulents, how to plant them, and how to water them.

Succulents and Sunshine E-Books - all about our favorite topics...

If you're like me, you have a curiosity and eagerness to learn that is unparalleled.  I can never have enough e-books and information about all the beautiful plants, so here I'm offering Cassidy's books to you. 

I will get a bit from the sale of each one, but they are the same price everywhere.

Succulents aren't like other plants, that can survive mishandling.  Watering is especially important.  Buy the e-book and get the goods on watering properly;

There is a world of difference between having great success with patio planters and containers full of succulents in the summer, but most of us can't grow them outside all winter. 

What then?  Grow them indoors, of course! 

Find out how with The Essential Guide to Growing Succulents Indoors;

Of course, once you get started on growing these fabulous plants, you want more.  Learn all about how to propagate them from leaves, with lots of pictures and trouble shooting tips;

It's all about learning from the experts; Cassidy has been growing these plants for a long time now, and has learned in the school of hard knocks  how to have the success and satisfaction of growing more of them. 

Here she generously shares her knowledge with you. 

Whether you're a beginner or a knowledgeable grower you'll gain lots of insight to the mysterious workings of succulents.

Please be patient - we're working on getting new products for you!

Want your succulents to survive the winter?  Learn how to bring them indoors and be happy and healthy with this free e-course;  Fill in your name and email address on the form below to enroll!

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