succulent with almost gall like growth on the leaves

by Tim Myers
(Bradenton, Florida USA)

I am trying to identify for a friend. All I have is the picture

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Tim, you have an interesting specimen of Echeveria. There were many of these weird and wonderful variations developed by Dick Wright in California, and many of them continue to charm and amaze collectors and novices alike.

The strange warty protuberances are called carunculations, and are typical of many different cultivars.

Echeveria 'Paul Bunyan' is one of my favorites.

The one you have looks a little different, but the warty parts are also seen on other ones like these on this website. Go to the pages listed under Photo Pages and look for the varieties named Barbillion, Baron Bold and Culibra for more examples.

See also the page on how to grow Echeveria.

Hope this helps,

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