Succulent Tower

Spectacular Succulent Craft

Here's a project for those with a lot of room to display a sizable craft; if you've got an area just crying out for a central focal point, look no further!

The Succulent Tower in all it's majestic glory...

The Horticulture Team at the Calgary Zoo obviously had a lot of fun putting this together, using many hardy and tender succulents together; mix and match, I always say...

The textures and colors of the plants all seem to go together, even if they come from all corners of the globe, and from many different habitats. 

Whether they're desert plants, from northern climates high in mountain crags, or even those fragile and fascinating hybrids from breeders in California, they are all compatible in their care, and their light and soil requirements. 

Does this whet your appetite for a jaw dropping display in your garden?

Succulent Tower key; find out which plants are in hereLooking to identify the succulents used in the tower? This image will give you some ideas.

How on earth would you water this thing? 

I'm thinking that the installation may have also included some drip irrigation to make it easier to apply water. 

Simply spraying it would mean the water might just run off and make a mess.  The drip irrigation would give it moisture to the soil, where it would do the most good.

I don't know what they used for soil, but some kind of mesh, with pockets of some type of soil mix that retains the moisture would be useful.