Succulent that kind of looks like a giant jade plant

Photo 1

Photo 1

Got this plant from a friend who got it from a local plant shop in NYC.

The leaves are large, green, tear-drop shaped, waxy and somewhat fleshy (photo 3).

The stalks aren't very woody, and are also kind of waxy (photo 4). It reminds me of a jade plant (which I have), but the leaves don't grow in that alternating perpendicular manner (photo 4).

She also says that sometimes it sprouts pollen rods? Help please! Thanks!

This is a Peperomia, of which there are lots of different species. The description of the 'pollen rods' is a dead giveaway - that's a good way of describing the flowers which are tall and tapered, and release lots of pollen.

You can see more about the genus Peperomia here.

Hope that helps,

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