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Dec 11, 2013
Tylecodon schaeferianus
by: Leandra

I believe it's Tylecodon schaeferianus- I have it in my yard :)


Jul 09, 2018
I know your plant.
by: Amanda

Those are commonly referred to as "donkey tails." Yours are still in their juvenile stage.

If you prune them, they'll stay like this. If you don't, they'll grow long & thick (like a donkey tail) & form a flower at the end. I got some as clippings a few months ago, & they're propagating rather nicely. Eventually, it would be a good idea to transplant to a hanging basket.

Donkey tails can end up being rather expensive in nurseries, so it's awesome that you have this many - & each of those nubs will grow into a whole new donkey tail if you pluck them & transplant them. Enjoy!

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