Succulent is kind of "webby"

This succulent is kind of soft and appears to produce web-like material from it's points.. Would like to know what the "web" is from, what kind of plant, and how to care for it. Thank you for your time!!

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Feb 01, 2015
by: Jacki

This is a Sempervivum, of the species arachnoideum, which will tell you that it's got cobwebs (arachnoid means spider).

They need the same conditions as any other Sempervivum, if anything, they are tougher than other species, because of this cobwebbing.

It protects them from the intensely bright light of their native habitat - high in the mountains.

To maintain the compact shape, it's crucial to give them as much light a possible (outdoors) and also don't overwater them, as there is a risk of rotting.

See more about how to grow them here.

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