Succulent Id Terms and Conditions

So you want me to ID your succulent plant?  I can do that, in most cases.

However, I'm not a botanist, who would be able to dissect a plant and tell you its mothers name.  I can tell you what family it comes from, and most likely the genus.  Species, possibly.

It all comes down to the quality of the pictures you send me. 

Do not send an out of focus shot of a whole bunch of plants. One plant, one price.  I can only work with one at a time.

Please note; on the page where you can upload your pictures that opens after you make your payment, there is a size limit.  If your cell phone only takes huge pictures, you'll need to edit them down to a smaller size. 

The ideal size is about 800-1000 pixels wide, with the corresponding length. 

If you can't do this, please contact me to upload the pictures directly to me.

There is no refund for this service.  Please don't ask for one because I failed to completely identify your plant. I still have to do the same amount of research if I don't happen to recognize it right off.

This also applies in cases where you purchased the service, but then couldn't get your camera to work, or the pictures to upload.

I will do my utmost to get you started, the rest is up to you.  In some cases there are thousands of choices, and to fully investigate it would take hours. 

I could do that and bill you accordingly for my time, but for a plant that may have cost you a few bucks, it's not worth it.  Most succulents, regardless of the name, require very similar care.