Succulent Garden Ideas

Inspiration for Some Great Succulent Displays

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There are lots of ways to display succulent plants in your garden.  They're the most adaptable of plants, whether they're growing in pots on decks, or planted in swaths of color in the landscape.

Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulents love rocks - there's nothing like the combination of textures between lava rock mulch and softly colored Echeveria, or a rock garden with thriving hardy succulents softening the edges of boulders and slabs.

  • The best containers for succulents are those with good drainage - clay or hypertufa are perfect to give them 'tooth' to grip onto with their roots, as well as giving air exchange because the sides are porous.
  • Raised beds constructed out of rocks or concrete blocks provide good conditions for them - and lots of succulents like to grow in crevices and pockets in the sides of the walls. 
  • Dry streambeds of swathes of planted succulents give the impression of water - just because you have less water, doesn't mean you have to do without.

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