There is a lot of fun to be had with the Succulent Crafts E-Course...

...especially when you're already addicted

Succulents are addictive, you can't deny it.  But what happens when your collection of these fascinating plants outstrips the number of great planters to put them in?

Succulent Crafts E-Course

That's easy; you make some pots and containers to put them in!

Even if you think you're not crafty, you'll still be able to get some inspiration and ideas from this e-course. 

It's set up so that you'll soon be making  your own unique pots and learning all about what kinds of things succulents like;

  • very little soil

  • dry and well drained conditions

  • lots of sun and bright light

In fact, you probably have all the materials you need close at hand, like panty hose. 

Bet you didn't know you could plant succulents in panty hose! 

There are two fabulous tutorials on how to use this simple supply to make really cool crafts to plant into.

You may have seen some of the tutorials on YouTube on how to choose a plant for a particular pot or container.  Now  you can make your own.

Other projects include hypertufa - not only the crafts themselves, but how to make the hypertufa mix so you can go off on your own tangent if you prefer. 

Not to worry; if you are fearful of making a mistake, don't be! 

There are no wrong ways to this creative process, sometimes a misstep just means that you learn new methods and systems. 

So let's go and have some fun!  The ten installment Succulent Crafts E-Course is waiting! Get the e-course for $19.99USD.

Succulent Crafts E-Course