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We may be a bit behind other places, but the succulent plant bug has bit us hard.  Now we just need to find all the right products to grow them.

Succulent Care in Canada - products for growing your succulent plants...

I've been growing these fascinating plants for a long time, and I've usually been forced to make my own soil, create my own crafts, and figure it all out for my self. 

Now, there is a lot of interest in growing them and there are more products than ever, sold by reputable companies through Amazon, among others. 

Starting with soil, the most important factor for success;

Sometimes you're hard pressed to keep up with the many plants you accumulate and need lots more pots. 

Plastic ones or ceramic glazed ones are fine for lots of other types of plants with roots that don't need air, but succulents require breathable containers, like terracotta pots or other unglazed clay, or some from this selection;

But what happens if the plants get bugs?  There are so many critters that attack, but here are a few things to have on hand;

From pruning tools to stands and lights to keep your plants happy over the winter, there is an amazingly wide array of products. 

These are just a few of the things that are available for those of us that absolutely have to have plants around us, especially during those long cold winters.

Want your succulents to survive the winter?  Learn how to bring them indoors and be happy and healthy with this free e-course;  Fill in your name and email address on the form below to enroll!

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