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Succulent Brew

by Art J Liegl
(San Francisco, CA , USA)

Succulent Brew (1)

Succulent Brew (1)

For several years I've been creating planters out of things that people throw away. I consider it my way of recycling. I don't go threw garbage. I live in San Francisco and I find stuff on the street or in parking lots all the time. If it looks like something I can turn into something else, I pick it up.

About a week before I came across your website I found this coffee maker on the side of the road. The cord was already cut off, so I knew it was garbage and took it home. I thought it would make an interesting planter.

I drilled holes for drainage(Succulents need excellent drainage.). I put Campfire Plants in the section where you add water to the coffee maker and planted Sempervivum in the cup where coffee grounds would go. There was no coffee pot to go with the coffee maker. I thought the burner needed a little something, so I used an old coffee mug, added holes and painted it to match the coffee maker. I put Watch Chain succulents in the mug. To fill in the gaps I like to add decorative rocks & cuttings from tree branches. The tree branch cuttings I got from trees in my yard. Three months ago I pruned them & I saved about 1/3 of the branches to use for this sort of thing.

I'm interested to know what my fellow succulent lovers think about my hobby. Sometimes I wonder if people think I'm a nut job for being so passionate about my plants and planters. I've gotten positive feedback from people in person, but this is a whole new forum. So be honest. Honesty is the best policy. Thank you

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Aug 26, 2011
Coffee, Anyone?
by: Jacki

I think I have an old coffee maker somewhere - I knew I was saving it for a reason!

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