succulent, 12" tall, softball size pink blooms, Monarchs love

by Micky T
(Novi, MI USA)

This plant grows about 12" tall, has light green leaves, pink cluster tiny flowers, blooms last a long time, Monarch butterflies love them.

Micki, you lucky thing! I would love to have Monarchs in my garden, sadly, they don't come to my area.

I've got lots of other butterfly species that visit me and my huge array of different Sedum, which is one of their favorite plants - the one in your picture is Sedum 'Autumn Joy' or one that is similar - there are several that are used for border plants such as Sedum spectabile 'Neon', 'Brilliant' and others.

These are a great plant for butterflies, taking up the slack after the shorter varieties like Sedum spurium album 'Superbum' have faded.

The nectar will keep the butterflies and other pollinators happy well into the fall.

Happy Butterfly Gardening!

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