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Succulant Nite Light

by Art J Liegl
(San Francisco, CA , USA)

Succulant Nite Light (1)

Succulant Nite Light (1)

For several years I've been creating planters out of things that people throw away. I consider it my way of recycling. I don't go threw garbage. I live in San Francisco and I find stuff on the street or in parking lots all the time. If it looks like something I can turn into something else, I pick it up.

Okay, this one literally fell from the sky. Actually it fell from my upstairs neighbor's patio. A couple days ago I found this solar garden lite in my yard. It was broken and not repairable. After inspecting the pieces I thought it would make an interesting planter. It doesn't even need to sit on anything it's got a stake on the bottom so you just stake it into the ground.

The succulant I used is of the String of Pearls variety, I think. It's still a baby, but it should grow into it nicely.

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Dec 31, 2011
How creative
by: Maria-Anne

Arts recycled art - good job! I love seeing trash recycled into treasure.

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