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Succulant In A Bottle

by Art J Liegl
(San Francisco, CA , USA)

6 Succulants In A Bottle

6 Succulants In A Bottle

For several years I've been creating planters out of things that people throw away. I consider it my way of recycling. I don't go threw garbage. I live in San Francisco and I find stuff on the street or in parking lots all the time. If it looks like something I can turn into something else, I pick it up.

Here is another example of how I turn garbage into something useful. All of these planters were a plastic bottle of some type. I cut them then use the top as a base, so it looks like a goblet or small urn. After removing the labels & putting them together I spray paint them so they don't necessarily look like plastic. I used 5 different types of bottles. I used a mouthwash bottle, a sport drink bottle, an allergy pill bottle, a vitamin bottle, and a couple of those little bottles used for alcohol(The kind you get when traveling by plane). Can you guess which is which?

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Aug 26, 2011
Drink Up!
by: Jacki

I can't tell which is which - but they're all very nice. It's great to see recycling done right.

Aug 30, 2011
In a bottle
by: Anonymous

Love the table they're on. I recycle everything + go through plenty bins at factories. This gave me an idea for a vertical garden. Thanks

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