Succelent Dislikes its Pot...Or something

by Erin

I have a succulent that looks a lot like Hen and Chicks, but it has never produced the little offshoot "chicks."

Instead, It has grown in a most bizarre fashion. It started out short and stubby, but now has this ridiculously long stem along which are rows of dead leaves. However, the top is fine and continues to sprout new growth, while the old growth at the bottom dies off.

I thought I might be over watering it, but though I cut back the water, it continues to display the same behavior.

I cannot for the life of me fathom what is going on with it. Right now it looks like it is trying to crawl right out of its pot. Help!

Hi Erin, without a picture to be able to identify this plant, it's pretty much impossible to give you any advice. There are so many things that are actually a natural and typical growth habit, which could be what's going on here, or in some cases, there are mutations that can cause bizarre and weird formations on the plant.

Sorry I can't make any suggestions - email me a picture (make sure to edit it down to around 100 kb, please!)


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Sep 13, 2014
Same issue
by: Ariel

My plant is doing the exact same thing! Where can I send a picture?

Sep 13, 2014
Send your picture to the page here;
by: Jacki

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