Styrofoam Planters

Well Insulated for More Hardiness

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Keep used Styrofoam packaging out of the waste stream and make it into planters - they have more benefits than you would imagine.

Styrofoam Planters

I've made several of these planters, several using the odd shaped pieces formed to hold electronics or other small appliances, and some made from Styrofoam coolers.

I've even carved them from Styrofoam blue board (which comes in pink as well) used for rigid insulation.

The pieces can be glued together using carpenters glue, or any other kind of weather proof adhesive.

If the piece has a hole in it, cover that with a piece of plastic screen to hold the soil in place.  I sometimes stick wires across to hold it, if the hole is too big.

Two carved Styrofoam planters

The Styrofoam blocks from packaging appliances is usually shaped into forms that will hold it in a box, making it impossible for it to move and get damaged in transit. 

This will be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to shape it to make it possible to plant with succulents or other plants.

Styrofoam planters made from coolers

Sometimes, it's necessary to make a screen to hold the soil in place if the hole is too big to fill. 

Six rectangular Styrofoam planters

So apart from being cute, what's the benefit of these kinds of planters?  Being insulation, these great planters will not only hold a bit of moisture for the plants, but they insulate and protect the plants roots from cold temperatures. 

I've displayed plants in these up off the ground, on a table or plant shelf, which show no sign of damage after a winter there.

Fish coolers can be found occasionally in grocery stores.  Keep an eye open for them, they make great troughs.

Styrofoam fish cooler made into a trough

How Long Will Styrofoam Planters Last?

In time, the styrofoam will break down and start to disintegrate, but it will take years. 

Edges getting weathered, or the planter gets damaged?  No problem - just dab on some more paint in similar colors.

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