Stylish Succulents

A Book Review

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Getting a package in the mail is so exciting - doubly so when it's that favorite gift of all - a new book.

Stylish Succulents - a book review

Combine books with succulents and it's even better!

You absolutely have to read how the business that inspired this book came to be. 

The authors, a husband and wife team, were not expecting to start a business; it's one of those 'right place, right time' serendipitous events that come along.

As someone who is always toying with different ways to plant succulents, this book is a refreshing alternative to figuring it all out by myself. 

I love the detailed instructions on how to make a wreath using a piece of chicken wire, and how to squash the sphagnum moss into a sheet to fill the resulting tube.

The pictures all through this great little book are clear and concise, with the directions in slightly accented English, which gives it such a unique flavor.

If you enjoy seeing how other cultures approach something from a simple and unique angle, and combine their own outlook with something that's been popular for a long time in North America, this book does just that. 

Japanese artists have always been the first to develop other ideas, making it completely their own. 

The techniques in this book show how it's possible to adapt the growing of succulents into a craft with Asian flair and simplicity. 

Showing off the beauty of even overgrown specimens is not something most people would think of, but it's possible to give older plants some love too.

I bet you'll get some interesting ideas from Stylish Succulents, the same way I did.

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