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Jun 18, 2011
Sometimes called string of beans but called String of Bananas
by: Emma

It's called the String of Bananas (asteraceae Senecio radicans). It is related to the String of Pearls and Necklace plant (or tear drop plant). It's hardy to zones 10 and 11 and needs light shade. It's poisonous just like the spring of pearls. It will bloom in late winter and early spring a near white or white flower which they say smells like cinnammon. They like moist soil but don't over water it or it will drown. Fertilize it every once in a while (once a month or once every two weeks depending on how your plants prefers best). I would say put it in a window facing north so it gets plenty of light but not direct sun, or a west facing window. If it's touching the window it might be getting frost burn. I don't know if it's still cold where you are. Anything you would like to add Jacki?

Jun 18, 2011
Thanks, Emma!
by: Jacki

Wow, glad you could find out so much information - this is similar to Senecio rowleyanus which is at the bottom of the page on Succulent Plants Miscellaneous.

Apr 08, 2012
Senecio radicans
by: Lorraine

In South Africa we call this plant baboon toes! It grows best in full sun, with very little water and in well drained sandy soil. With the correct growing conditions it makes a tight, fast growing ground cover and grows well in a hanging basket as long as it does not get too much water.

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