Spiky Leaf Succulents

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There are lots of succulents that have distinctive spike type growth.  The leaves can be arranged in a rosette form, or in a spiral,  or even in a fan type of structure. The leaves are usually similar to grass in the way they grow, and their shape.  Here are some that fit this description;

Strappy, Spiky Leaf Succulents

Here are some of the most asked about succulents, or plants that are similar to succulents so you can eliminate them, or add them to your wish list. 

Spiky leaved plants add height and drama to a group planting, or make an accent and foil for lower or rounded leaved plants.  Combine them carefully for best impact.

Each picture will lead you to more information about the different kinds (or genera) of plants. 

Not all plants in any genus are identical - some types of plants show an incredible range of shapes and sizes, which leads you to ask; how on earth does anyone decide to lump these plants all together? 

The answer to that is, it's all in the flower. Blame the botanists, they're the ones who decide where a plant should fit, depending on their traits.

Even though the plants themselves look different, there are certain characteristics that they all share, but only in the number of petals, the formation of the bloom, and many microscopic details.

Many of these types of plants are closely related, such as Aloe and Gasteria.

Some are so closely related that they can interbreed and form a hybrid plant, in this case, x Gasteraloe, which has many interesting forms and takes the best characteristics of each parent to make a great new plant.

Many different families of plants have one or two spiky characters in among the rest, and except for maybe Aloe and Haworthia, the spikiness is not an identifying characteristic. 

Keep an open mind when you're looking for an answer.