Spikey Lil Leaves

by V. Mikijanic
(Jefferson PA, USA)

Softly Spikey Little Succulent

Softly Spikey Little Succulent

This is a small plant with an upright nature that droops when the stems get longer. Each stem has a squarish aspect with neat ordered rows of spiky leaves. As the stems grow they fork into two or three branches and resume trying to grow upright until they get long enough to be unable to resist the force of gravity once again. New growth is a bright green with older growth turning yellowish green.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
This reminds me a bit of the plant on this page, Seaweedlike Succulent, is it possibly the same thing? See the comment below it for an idea of what it could be.

If it is a Crassula, find out more about growing them here: Crassula.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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Jan 01, 2012
Crassula muscosa
by: Anonymous

Probably Crassula muscosa (syn.: Crassula lycopodioides), the “Watch Chain Crassula”.
Hope this is helpful.

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