Spikey green plant with pink flowers in late autumn

I live in the uk and bought this plant five yrs ago when is was only really small it has taken this long for it to flower lol..I have lost the tag for it so I can't remember what it is and how I care for it after it has lost it's flowers.

I'm pretty sure that this is Yucca aloifolia 'Variegata' or Spanish Bayonet - these are very drought tolerant tough plants, and are very similar to Agave in that they have wicked spines at the end of every leaf.

After bloom care consists of cutting off the faded flower spike, which can be upwards of 6' (2 meters). This species has either white or purple tinged blooms.

They are long lived if provided with excellent drainage. They don't seem to mind cooler temperatures, but are equally at home in hot climates too.

Happy Xeriscaping!

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