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Yes, it's time to sell your wares. 

Now that you have a few plants, nestled snugly into little creations, hanging baskets or weed pots with succulents draping over the edges, or you feel confident enough with your skills in landscaping and xeriscaping to advertise, there are almost limitless ways to go about it.

If you're a people person, you will have no problem with this part. 

You're probably already selling your plants and skills in your every day life - stopping to chat with a neighbor over the fence, in the grocery store, or just on the phone; you won't be able to prevent letting the cat out of the bag.

The shy types are going to have more trouble with it, because to them it feels like bragging. 

Don't worry, you'll be fine because there are lots of other options and many of them don't even require you to be face to face or even talk on the phone.

First, it's important to decide whether you'll be advertising to direct customers to an actual physical address, or you'll be selling online only. 

If the former, be prepared to have people drop by at the most inopportune times asking to see your stuff.  Have your hours posted, and stick to them.

Online sales are those that require someone to pay for the plants/crafts sight unseen, and you ship them via mail or courier.  This is where your reputation comes in, because if you are ever seen to be even the slightest bit shady, the sales will dry up. 

Always have a way for people to contact you, even if it is a bit inconvenient to have emails or phone calls where you're soothing them.

The ultimate is of course to have your own website. 

After having first allowed someone else to do the updates on mine, I no longer do that. 

I insist on doing all my own pages, because there is no guarantee that someone who hasn't got your interests at heart will do it right, or even right away. 

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that your grand opening is a huge flop because your technical help didn't get the post out soon enough. 

It's so important to be in control of this aspect of your business. 

Don't let someone else sabotage you! 

Interested in more about creating and maintaining your own site?  Find out here how I build my sites.

Other ways to get the word out that are surprisingly cheap (read, FREE) are the online classified ad services. 

These are the ones like Craigslist, which are pretty much world wide now, Kijiji (which is Canadian only) and Castanet, among others.  Find out which ones are easy to post to, reliable, and also reach your ideal demographic.

Be persistent with this, because it's a known fact that people have to be exposed to your brand multiple times before they actually purchase.

Download your copy of 25 Ways to Sell Your Wares, Cheap or Free.

Other free ways that take a little more work are to start a relationship with someone who runs a connected type of business that are not in direct competition that will help you advertise. 

This might be a symbiotic relationship; if you have a xeriscaping landscape business and there is a local garden center that carries plants that you can use, do all your purchasing of the plants from them (or a good percentage) and they might be willing to mention your service in their newsletter, or put a write up about you on their Facebook page. 

In return, you might also do up some of their planters and maintain them, or design and build a demonstration garden.  It's all about helping each other out.

Farmers Markets and craft sales are good for selling too - as long as your demographic is going to them too. 

Be prepared to spend long hours setting up, with the possibility that you might not make enough to cover your booth cost.

Download the 10 Part Guide to Displaying Your Wares.

You may also want to look into having your own Etsy store. 

The initial cost is minimal, and they charge a few cents for each product that you put on there, and then when you sell that item they take another small amount. 

This is a great system even though it's not free, because there are lots of potential customers. 

They also take care of all the receiving money, and the shipping is also added in to the cost, so you just have to box up your product and ship it off.

Confused with something about selling?  Ask me to clarify it!

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