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Succulent Plant Business Training Manual

The e-books on my site that will get you out the starting gate with a well rounded knowledge of propagation, xeriscaping and pest control are sold separately.

The most popular of these three e-books is all about propagating more of these fabulous plants - that seems to be where people first get the succulent plant bug. 

Xeriscaping is the method of choice for creating a drought tolerant garden that requires little maintenance and even smaller amounts of water, yet they will take your breath away with their lushness, flowering plants and the sheer numbers of bees and butterflies that they attract.

Speaking of insects, they're not all good. 

The Plant Pests Handbook is the go-to self help hand book to dealing with many pests, as well as assisting you to determine if the pest is in fact a pest or a helper in the garden.

There are recipes and other methods to help get rid of pests without damaging the ecosystem.

The art of succulent plant propagation can be a steep learning curve, as these are plants like no others, with particular requirements for making more of themselves.

Whether you are attempting to grow them from cuttings, single leaves, or from seed, this is the go-to handbook to give you my special techniques that have been perfected in my nursery.

There are bound to be methods that work for you, or that you discover or adapt for your own special conditions, but this e-book covers the basics to get you started quickly.

The xeriscaping methods and tips that you will gain from this e-book will give you a solid background on design, water control, mulching and planting to have a really beautiful garden that requires very little extra water once established.

Your clients will be thrilled to have your help to get their low maintenance landscaping going if that's your niche.

Whether you're designing the garden from scratch, or maintaining an existing one, this e-book will give you the insight you'll need into this interesting and earth friendly gardening trend.

There are lots of pests, and lots of other insects that are classed as beneficial - but which are which? 

Find out how to determine the difference, and how to deal with those that are damaging your plants. 

Also included is an extensive list of many recipes for chemical free options that work.

No matter what you do there will always be something wanting to eat your hard won success. Succulents are generally not that appealing to insects, but there are a few problems that will need to be addressed from time to time.

Succulents are not like other plants, so the methods of dealing with pests will differ too.

In some cases their delicate tissues can't stand the harsh chemical pest treatments of other plants, so you need to come up with other methods. 

Another aspect of pest control is that due to allergies and sensitivities that are getting more and more common, anything that you make for sale has to be free from chemicals of any kind.

Get the basics; this handbook is where to start, with easy to follow instructions that you can follow yourself if you're not a confident grower of succulents yet, and also to help your customers to keep their own plants looking fantastic.

There are a few really important aspects of growing succulents. 

They range from a deep understanding of watering, the correct way to do it, and why, to what needs to happen when pruning them.

If you can master these skills, you'll have no problem producing plants that walk off with their new owners.

Greenhouse Gardening e-Book - it's everything you need to get going with your own greenhouse plans.

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Specially developed and written for those wanting to start their own greenhouse.

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