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What's your niche? What craft or type of plant just captures your imagination and gets you fired up?

The one thing that you like doing above all else is the one to concentrate on, and your enthusiasm about it will keep you going through those days when everything goes wrong.

Whether you are gearing your succulent plant business to a certain demographic, like going to seniors centers and doing crafts with or planting succulent gardens for the residents, or you're using your expertise in designing to build landscapes and gardens for clients that can't find the time in their busy lives to do it themselves, you need to focus on one thing.

There is room for the jack of all trades but sometimes it's so easy to be mediocre at many things, but much harder to excel at any one thing. 

I strongly suggest that you specialize in one particular thing, making sure that it's something unique in your sales area. 

Corner the market, but always be nimble and stay one step ahead of the competition.  Something that appears to be popular and in demand will always be copied, so you have to always be pulling that special next thing out of your hat.

Replanting deck containers and crafts...

Services that you can offer are to set up courses for wreath making, hypertufa, and other hands on offerings. 

Some colleges or garden clubs are great ways to join forces to get the word out and find willing attendees for your course.

Landscaping or xeriscaping designs using these fabulous plants as well as other drought tolerant grasses and perennials is a great way to keep it seasonal. 

The busiest months for you will be from spring to fall, with a winter rest while the plants are dormant if you're in a cold winter climate.  In warmer areas, the season could be year round.

Other types of services are to replant baskets for your clients, on a yearly basis.  This is a perfect way to get repeat business.

Totally baffled already? 

I can help with that. 

I'll answer those questions that could be puzzling you;

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