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What are your favorite crafts to plant with succulents? There are a lot to choose from.

The simplest and most effective ones are the flat frames or mosaics with shallow soil, held in place by wire mesh or plastic screen, and the plants root through that into the soil below.

I've also made panty hose mosaics, using the legs of panty hose filled with soil which are held in place by wires strung across them.

The plants are placed on the mosaic while it's horizontal, until they root.

Then the mosaic can be hung up vertically for display. The smaller sized ones can be taken down for watering, and anything that is too large for this will need to be gently sprayed or have drip irrigation installed.

Spheres and globes seem to be endlessly fascinating - there is no end to the enthusiasm of those making them, and there are an equal number of gardeners dying to make them; a ready and willing group for you to teach this craft in a workshop or seminar. 

The supplies are easy to find and you can grow the succulents to sell to the participants.

Your customers will love these unique crafts...

Hypertufa has taken the gardening world by storm; the limitless possibilities of this very unique material means you can make something rustic that looks like rock, or something classy and smooth in appearance.

Some people even carve the mix while it's still drying to give it texture. The charm of tiny pinch pots filled with hardy succulents, or a strata planter that holds only a teaspoon of soil are special little containers. Troughs, bowls and trays can be formed in almost any kind of mold, from shallow scoops of soil draped with poly film, to the bases of birdcages.

Making this kind of craft to plant with succulents to sell is a bit of a long term prospect. The succulents take a while to root in and become stable enough to haul around to farmers markets and fairs, so these are a make in the fall for sale the following spring type of project.

One craft that people beg to know more about are the hypertufa hands.  This is a ready made market, which I have no intention of filling, so here's a great start for your business.

For online sales, I might be more inclined to sell the piece unplanted, and send along a package of the dried succulents to plant in it once it reaches its destination.

Rustic crafts are very pleasing to the succulently obsessed...

Succulent Crafts e-Course; 12 installments, each on a different rustic craft, types of plants or how to plant them;

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