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However I know how the mind works; if something is free, it's not worth anything, right?  I've spent a lot of time and energy putting together information that is definitely worth something; this is like a mini business course that will get the ball rolling, and your unique micro business idea up and running quickly. 

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 Calling all Succulently Obsessed!

Are you big on making unusual and different planters to put your favorite succulents in?  Maybe you can make a business out of it!

Get started making your own beautiful planters and crafts...

Make your own beautiful succulent planters and crafts

And be the envy of your neighborhood...

Enroll in the Succulent Crafts E-Course now and join in the fun - no craftiness required! 

You can do it, with my help and the easy tutorials for some unique and unusual crafts.

Want your succulents to survive the winter?  Learn how to bring them indoors and be happy and healthy with this free e-course;  Fill in your name and email address on the form below to enroll!

Winterizing Succulents E-Course

Winterizing Succulents E-Course - click here to sign up...

How can I keep my Succulents happy for the winter? Find out here!

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