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Building your own website is a fascinating and fun technique to get more business. 

Not only does a website give your customers an opportunity to find out about your plants and what you grow, it also gives you a way to inspire trust in them. 

Why does this matter? 

Because nowadays, many of your customers will be buying the plants sight unseen online - they need to trust you to send them beautiful plants (or those that have the potential of being beautiful). 

The exchange of money can be done online too - the use of Paypal or other system makes it super easy to pay for the plants or other wares right then and there - that means that the prospective customer doesn't have time to procrastinate and not send it to you via snail mail. 

That's quite often where you'll lose a sale.

Other things that are important for your website is to keep it up to date - this includes changing the copyright date to the current one. 

Again, this inspires trust in your potential customer. 

Don't let something this small be the one thing that chases them away.

Pictures in your website are best if they're a good size - dinky little pictures won't get shared on social media like Facebook or Pinterest. 

I use a picture that is resized to 600 pixels across by 450 high.  I always put my watermark on it (my domain url) so that people can still find my site if by chance the picture has been stripped of its url by unscrupulous people.

There are many website building systems, even if you've never built sites before. 

In some cases all you want is a simple two or three page site, with a way to contact you (that doesn't transmit spam), some kind of indication of your trading area that you cover and if you sell strictly online or go to farmers markets, or sell out of your home. 

Nothing is more guaranteed to frustrate than to see a beautiful site full of gorgeous pictures of plants only to find that you don't ship to their area.

Some of the website builders that you may want to look at are Wix and Weebly which are both free but then the cost adds up with all the extra features, and you'll have to purchase a proper domain name. 

Wordpress also has a blogging option that is free, although you will also have the added expense of purchasing any plug ins you need. 

Choose wisely when you get to this point, as it's hard to change horses in midstream if you decide that particular system is not for you.

Of course, I'm partial to Solo Build It! which is how I build all my websites.

It's not just a website builder, it's also a business builder so has many other modules than just a website builder included in the price.

The forums and the support system help you whenever you have any issues, and the self owned servers make sure that your site will never go down.

Included in the price is the way that SBI! keeps up to date on the many changes that happen routinely on the web.

Need more information on how to start your website?  Let me help!

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