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Social Media; Creating Buzz For Your Business

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This is a tricky subject, and one that a lot of new business owners really shy away from doing, for many reasons. 

Posting on Facebook or Twitter seems to be a waste of time and effort and gets very little return.

However, one thing that's certain, we all have to start somewhere. 

If you're already on social media and have a personal profile set up to chat with your friends and relatives, you're well on the way to getting your business page set up for Facebook. 

It's easy to create a business page, and get started promoting your wares. 

I have to say that it's a hard slog to get recognized at first, but get in the habit of posting at least one or two times a week at first. 

These can be links from your website, or shared from other Facebook business pages on the same topic. 

It's good to go to other pages and use the little flag in the corner of their posts, and use your business page to comment or share from their page. 

This is one of the little known tips that can make all the difference to get Facebook to notice your page.

Pinterest is a great venue to get some traffic to your website.  I didn't even know what it was when I started seeing that name in my list of referrers, but now I get a lot of traffic from it. 

Those are the big three types of social media, but you can branch out into others if you find that you can get some traction with them. 

One thing that all social media have in common? 

The importance of having great pictures - posts with images are the ones that get all the action so make sure you use good (and large) images. 

I routinely edit my pictures to 600 pixels across by 450 pixels high, but use whatever seems to get the most sharing. 

Not sure what you're doing when it comes to editing your photos?  Check out my tutorial on that topic here.  Use the password paint when prompted.

Directories such as Yelp, and other local directories are one thing to try and get your name into, but they are a bit passe now, and not as important as they used to be.

Totally baffled already? 

I can help with that. 

This is an exclusive service to you when you use this e-course. 

I'll answer those questions that could be puzzling you;

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