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Don't assume that the delivery option of your choice will get the package to the customer without any issues. 

You would not believe how they can mess it up, whether it's Canada Post or a high priced courier. 

Guaranteed it will be right when there is a time crunch, and delay can be a major issue.

I keep track of all orders that come in with a spread sheet. 

The customers name and delivery address, the type of order and the date it should be delivered are all on there. 

As the orders go out, the color of the entry is changed, depending on if the full order was sent, or a portion held back due to being back ordered (because it's not ready or because the customer has given those instructions).

The customers address will be copied and pasted into a text document that has;

  • the name of the sender (you)

  • the return address

  • the customers name and address including postal code

  • a reference to the fact that it's perishable


  • if more than one package is included in the shipment, an indication of which part of the shipment in each box (ie: Box 1 of 6)

Check with your postal service what they really want to see on the address; they vary with each country, and even that is not completely foolproof.

Address label  for printing

Make sure that you put where it's actually from. 

I know, that's fairly obvious, right? 

Wrong!  Don't assume that all postal workers are created equally.  I sent a time sensitive parcel of wedding favor succulents off in good faith, but then got a phone call to say that the parcel was back at the post office - the one I had sent it from in my home town. 

The general gist of it was that as it didn't have the From and To fields, the person sorting the package in the destination post office got a little confused and sent it back to the originating office.

Refunds are never fun, even less so when it's a mistake like that, and customers are already stressed from planning a major event in their life.

Need more about labeling and mailing?  Let's talk about it!

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