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There are lots of suppliers out there, but they're not all created equal. 

Some are much better and more reliable than others. 

I tried to be in that category when I sold my plants online, and doing a good job is a lot of work.

Here are some sources to get started with, and as I've had limited experience with ordering plants online from other countries due to the import restrictions on plant material, I'm relying on some of my groups to give me the low down on sources around the world. 

Thank goodness succulent growers are a helpful bunch!

Some specialty nurseries grow and ship only one kind of plant, which is a good thing. 

They are pretty much guaranteed to know their stuff, and have geared their production methods to pleasing that one kind of plant. 

A nursery that grows every different kind of plant under the sun may be good at growing perennials or shrubs which are much more forgiving of lackadaisical treatment, but succulents are another matter entirely. 

The conditions that favor rapid growth of other kinds of plants will quickly kill off succulent plants which need excellent drainage, occasional deep watering and bright light.

Succulent Plant Sources

United States

Labour of Love Landscaping and Nursery - Sempervivum -  over 150 named varieties

CalCactus Nursery

If you're in Northern California or around the San Diego area, here are a couple of lists for you to download;

Northern California nurseries

San Diego nurseries


Succulents Canada - mail order wedding succulents, hardy and tender succulents, special planters.


Coming soon...

South Africa

Coming soon...

Other sources can be found online in forums, like All Things Plants Sempervivum sources and cactus and succulent sources and Daves Garden Website where you can search for the plant you want and find suppliers in your country. 

Don't ignore Facebook groups like the Succulent Fanatics (request to join) and many others.

Several of them have members who are eager to swap or give you cuttings of even quite rare plants, if that's your interest.

Associations like alpine plant and rock garden clubs as well as many other membership groups have seed and plant exchanges.  This also is a great way to create relationships with others who have the same kinds of interests.

Testimonials from customers

Simply Succulents...

Nathan says,

"Largest assortment of hardy succulents I've encountered online, notably their sempervivums. I've ordered once and received great healthy plants. And they're semi-local for me located in WI, shipping has been fast and cheap."

Need more information on plant sourcing?  We can talk about that!

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