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This is a hard topic for most people to talk about, but it needs to be done.

What will happen to your business when you're gone?  Don't leave it too late, and have your hard won collection get strewn to the four winds, or worse, left to die.

I am really aware of the legacy and making sure the business has a chance to be handed down  - after all, it's an asset. 

It's only really an asset, however, if someone has the knowledge and the interest in keeping it going. 

So many times I've seen people neglect to train a successor, and their business dwindles away to nothing really quickly.

My friend Alannah who owned a thriving mail order business selling African Violets from her home was murdered by her spouse, who then killed himself. 

Her business ended up in total disarray even though a caring neighbor and myself took on the task of completing the orders that were pending and shipped them. 

Without all the knowledge and the established place to keep them, these persnickety plants didn't last long.

In another sad case, the grower of many kinds of Sempervivum ended up with Alzheimer's disease, and gradually lost all the knowledge of how to grow them and keep his business going. 

Sadly, no family member stepped up to the plate to take it over, so as far as I know the plants are just quietly diminishing.

Don't let this happen to your precious business. 

Make sure that you make your wishes known, and train someone to take over in the worst case scenario. 

As an added bonus, you can also leave for a holiday and someone will be there to look after it for you.

Another option is to build up your business until it just gets to the verge of being too much for you, and then sell the business along with the plants and all your knowledge.

The equity you put in to your business is a valuable asset.

I've done this with my succulent plant business, and everyone is happy - I get a cash buy out, and the new owners have an established business with lots of demand and the mature plants along with it.

In this case, I sold a website specifically built with this in mind - you would be surprised what value a website has to a potential new owner. 

Sometimes, a well trafficked website or thriving Facebook page to go along with it can tip the balance in your favor and bring in much more than the effort it took to build.

As well, the business was added as another layer to the business they already had so it was just a matter of branding and taking the whole thing to a new level.

Need more ideas on how to allow your business to live on?  Let's talk about it!

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