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Winterizing tender succulents to keep them happy for next year...

Succulent Plant Business Training Manual

There are perfect climates that tender succulents survive and thrive in all year, then there are the ones that many of us live in with a real winter, cold and snow and all. 

The trick with growing these kinds of plants is to find ways to trigger some dormancy so that they will survive in suspended animation until we give them (on purpose) some warmer temperatures and brighter light, along with some more regular watering. 

This gets them going again, so they can be ready to go back outdoors when the warm weather arrives.

Hardy succulents, like most Sedum and Sempervivum, along with the other types of rare succulents that aren't so common require a winter dormancy. 

The important thing is to recognize the difference between hardy succulents and the more tender types.  Trying to grow either of them in the wrong conditions will have a bad ending.

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