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Why - The Reasons and Justification for Starting your own Business

Succulent Plant Business Training Manual

Why should you start your own succulent plant business in the first case?  Well, there are several reasons some of which defy analysis. 

Most gardeners don't need to be asked twice; they love growing plants.

Some of us get into selling their plants because of the compulsion to sow those millions of seeds, or the cuttings take over the living room. 

It's an epiphany when people admire your collection, and gladly take some of them off your hands.  Then, it becomes an easy next step into charging money for your plants - they're valuable, after all.

The lure of making some extra cash is something few of us can resist.  Even those that have a full time job never can get their paycheck to stretch far enough. 

And, having a 'hobby' to engage our attention after a long day at the office is therapeutic and satisfying.  Why not take that next step and make it into a business?

At first, it's easy to do it part time, just as a pass time. 

Then, once it starts to make a bit of money, the justification is that you may as well spend your valuable time doing something you love. 


That's all it takes to get completely immersed in it, and before you know it, you're giving notice to your boss and saying goodbye to all your colleagues.

In addition, owning and operating your own micro business has been listed in the top five best investments.  Now there is no need to risk your money on the stock market; build equity and have fun doing it with your own micro business. 

Whether it's therapeutic or something more, the time to start is now.  The demand has never been so great for these kinds of plants or the services that go along with them. 

If you're worried that your skills are not up for it, rest assured that you can do it.  Here's what Kate Butler of Labour of Love Landscaping and Nursery says when I asked if she had any technical training;

       "...totally self-taught.."

Many people in the industry get started with growing plants as a hobby; then it becomes much more.  There is a fine line between enjoying what you're doing, and getting overwhelmed.  Decide where your line is; it's easy to find yourself unable to say no, and then the quality of your product suffers.

Why build your own succulent plant business?

So here are some all important ways to take your business to the next level. 

It's no longer just a hobby, and the government will want their cut.

It starts with finding out from your municipality or town if this type of business is actually allowed in your area. 

If where you live isn't zoned for a nursery, then you may need to relocate.

There are two things that you will need to find out; if the zoning will allow the business to be run, and if you need a business permit.

Income tax will have to be paid, but there are some ways that you can minimize this. 

The most important thing is to keep every single receipt from every purchase you make, and then at income tax filing time, these can be used to claim against your tax payable. 

The business expenses that you will most likely be eligible for are office space, which is based on a percentage of your dwelling space, unless you have a specific office area.

Additionally, you can write off some of your land tax and mortgage on a percentage of the actual land allotted to your business. 

Growing areas can be calculated on a percentage of the land used for this.

You will also be able to claim a percentage of your power, heat, insurance and possibly other things too. 

Internet services that you pay for such as satellite costs, hosting of websites and advertising, long distance phone, office and greenhouse supplies and all kinds of other things are determined to be the cost of doing business. 

Find out from an accountant in your area if you will be able to claim these.

Totally baffled already? 

I can help with that. 

I'll answer those questions that could be puzzling you;

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