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Coaching - for that extra bit of help

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Sometimes you just need a bit of one on one coaching - here it is.

Consulting with an expert or a mentor can get you over that bump in the road. 

Sometimes seeing things through other eyes can give you a new perspective on a problem, or give you some much needed support to help you take it to the next level.

Run out of ideas? 

Need help brainstorming the next steps? 

Confused about the right direction?

This is where you can get my help to get back on track and together we'll create a strategic plan of action so your business thrives from this point on.

You can ask me questions that pertain to finding your niche, deciding on a work area, building your greenhouse, setting up a Paypal account, or even designing a display for the farmers market. 

Pick my brain for ideas, strategies, mentoring, encouragement or whatever else you need to dive deep into the core issues that are holding you back.

Depending on your focus and niche, I can help with many pitfalls that can plague someone starting out, or even those with more experience.

If I don't know the answer to your question right away, I can do some research to find it.

The price for this service is $100 USD per hour, one hour minimum.

Depending on where in the world you're located, there could be a time lag - I'm in Pacific Time.  Please allow enough time for me to research and email the answer to your question - all communications will be via email, which gives you the opportunity to save them for future reference.

Become a VIP and take your goals to the next level - purchase this special offer, up to three questions that I can answer to help you through a sticky problem getting your business off and running.

Please note; I can give you the ideas, but it's up to you to implement then.

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