Some type of sinuosus?

by Venessa
(New York)

This plant has finger-sized plump green stalks with no spikes.

There are clusters of green leaves at the top of each stalk and some brown hairs on its sides. The guy who sold it to me at the market said it was a sinuosus, but this doesn't really look like the pictures I'm finding online of phyllobolus sinuosus.

Could it be something else?

Thanks for your help!

Wow, Vanessa - that is one crazy looking character! I almost said it's celery.

I do believe that this guy is Senecio, which can be grown as bonsai, which makes sense from the thick stems.

Here's some more on this page; Senecio so maybe check through the entries there.

You can see more about a similar plant here on Daves Garden Website.

Hope that helps!

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Jul 08, 2014
Wow, that was a fast response Jacki, thank you!
by: Venessa

You're right - it's senicio! I probably misheard the guy at the market.

Thanks for your help with this one and for your great site.

Jul 08, 2014
Wrong food
by: Anonymous

Not quite celery, it's called a
Hot Dog Cactus

Jul 15, 2014
There it is!
by: Jacki

You're welcome, Vanessa - and thank you right back.

The link in the previous comment is right on - thank you, whoever you are.

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