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mealybug spray on echeveria
by: new collector

I have a collection of starter succulents, under lights on a timer. I have fresh air coming in on the same timer. I noticed the same deformed leaves on a couple of my echeveria. I did not notice any actual mealybugs until a few days later.

I feel sorry that I sprayed the plants with Scotts EcoSense Bug B Gone. Sadly, they have lost their powdery coating and beautiful color. Will their natural dusting come back? How soon after could I have rinsed the plants?

Thank you so much for your time

Luckily, the blue coating will eventually come back, you'll have to be patient though because it can take a season before it is replaced. Hopefully you've got rid of the bugs - that's the important thing. The 'pruinose' is nice, but not essential to their health.

Best of luck with your collection!

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