Small unknown succulent (?)

So I bought this plant the other day since it was the only one of its kind there. After taking it home I realised: what was its kind anyway? I tried searching it up online but I just couldn't find my little mystery plant.

It's mostly green with a bit of white on the outside which spread out into tiny speckles.

They're quite triangular in shape with small 'teeth' facing the inside of the plant which are a faint red at the tips.

I'm not sure how much detail to go into about how it looks but hopefully the picture attached will be of some help.


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Mar 09, 2015
Tigers Jaws
by: Jacki

You could easily guess the name of this plant, because that's really what it looks like.

There are two related plants that often find themselves in groups of mixed succulents because they're really easy to grow and don't mind abuse, such as a little too much water now and again, and neglect in between.

This one is Faucaria tigrina, or Tigers Jaws.

There are some basic guidelines to follow here.

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